We speed up access to capital, helping you grow your business faster

With us you have access to loans, manage and automate your collections

As a business owner, you need to concentrate your time and effort on growing your business. That’s why we created

Reconcile and collect in minutes


In just three steps, you can manage your collection process effortlessly.


Upload your loan book


Your customers will receive  reminders


Receive your payments

Managing collections has always been a complex challenge

Review payment slips

Confirm in banks

Send manual reminders

Reconcile accounts

Streamline your collection process


Free yourself from stress and wasted time.


Accelerate your cash flow and collect payments promptly.


Eliminate errors when integrating data between your tools.

Schedule payment reminders through WhatsApp and email.

Select the frequency of payment reminders.

Offer your customers various payment methods.

Choose different payment options.

Reconcile your payments automatically.

We record each payment current, pending or overdue.

Monitor and analyze your portfolio and cash flow.

We centralize all your customer, payment and account information.

Why choose Pagaky?

Get paid on time

Payment options

(17,000 node cash payments) Super7, walmart, etc

Secure your payments

Finance your growth

(credits available)

Manage everything on a single platform

What do our customers says

Carmen Georgina

Tortilleria Gini

Pagaky helped me speed up my collection. It used to take 2 days to get paid now in a few minutes, I send payment reminders, and the reconciliation is instant.

Jesús Cardona

Carnicería Regiomontana

With Pagaky I spend time selling and not collecting.


What is Pagaky, and what does it offer?

Pagaky is a comprehensive platform that allows you to make payments and manage collections securely, reliably, and conveniently, both for your company and your clients.

How extensive is Pagaky's network?

It has a vast network of over 17,000 cash payment points, including convenience stores such as Super 7, Walmart, Bodegas Aurrera, and many more.

Pagaky management platform: How does it work?

The Pagaky platform allows you to:

  • Connect your CRM or manually upload your client portfolio.
  • Generate unique payment references for each account.
  • Send personalized reminder messages to each customer.
  • Accelerate and optimize collections.
  • Reconcile payments in minutes, not days.
Explain the reconciliation process.

Each account is assigned a unique numerical reference . When a customer makes a payment using that reference, the system automatically notifies them and the account is settled. It’s that simple- no need to worry about checking bank statements!

Automated messages: How do they work?

When uploading your portfolio, you choose the contact channel for your clients: WhatsApp or email. Define pre-designed messages according to each account’s status, and the system will send them automatically.

Can I manage the sending of messages?

Of course! You have complete control. You can stop sending at any time.

Can I schedule recurring payments?

Yeah! Pagaky is ideal for recurring payments and also for individual payments.

Pagaky: The solution for your payments and collections

Pagaky offers you:

  • Security: Your transactions are protected with cutting-edge technology.
  • Trust: We provide a reliable and transparent service.
  • Convenience: Make payments more accessible for you and your customers.
  • Efficiency: Speed ​​up your collection and save time.
  • Control: You have complete control over your messages and payments.